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Bed Bug Treatment : Heat, Steam & Safe Pesticide

Preparation For Bed-Bug Treatment

  1. Remove all bed sheets and bedspreads and stuffed animals and put through a high heat dryer cycle, then bag and tie.
  2. Remove all clothing from dresser drawers, then put through a high heat dryer cycle, then bag and ties until service is complete.
  3. Remove all items from end tables beside beds as well as items from end tables and coffee tables by couches and chairs.
  4. Remove all stuff from under beds and bottom of closests.
  5. Discard any unneeded cardboard and paper as it creates good hiding areas for bugs.
  6. Where possible remove drapes and put through high heat dryer cycle.
  7. Leave furniture, beds and frame work in place do not move.
  8. Leave unit for four hours after pest control application is complete.

*Ask about our prices for preparation if you are not able to do this yourself or wish to have us complete this for you.

Name: Bed Bugs: Check rates page for pricing information and warranty.

Embo Pest Control's Procedure

  1. Embo Pest Control will vacuum all beds, box springs, couches, and chairs.
  2. Embo Pest Control will steam all beds, box springs, couches, chairs, baseboards, inside dressers and cabinets, nightstands, end-tables, and coffee tables.
  3. We will then begin to spray all the areas listed above.

If problem persists - Please Call 2 to 3 weeks after initial visit at which time Embo Pest Control will come back for a re-application for treatment procedure and re-spray entire premises.

Bed-Bug Facts

Since the late 90s bed bugs have made a comeback and have returned stronger than ever, There are reasons for these, some of these reasons include:

  • Increased international travel and immigration
  • Bed bugs developing an immunity to insecticides

They can be found

High and Low end residential areas, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, movie theatres, universities, high schools and elementary schools across North America.

Bed bugs have a flat body type, allowing them to get in or behind anything. When first infesting a location, bed bugs will migrate to areas of least exposure, like a mattress or a box spring, making them very hard to detect. It only takes three to four months for a home to be fully infested and this is only when the bugs become visible.

Adult bed bugs can survive a year without having a food supply. Bed bugs leave definite markings to advise their human hosts that theyve taken up permanent residence in their home or hotel room. Dark spotting and staining on sheets, mattresses, pillows and clothing are the most visible telltale signs. The staining is from excrement and blood left by crushed bed bugs. Moulted skins, excrement and eggshells can also be discovered in their favourite hiding places, namely the many crevices found in all mattresses. In severe cases, bed bugs leave an offensive, sweet, musty odor produced by their scent glands.

Bed bugs come out for meals at nighttime and feed exclusively on blood. Their bites feel and even look similar to a mosquito bite. Often they are painless and result in small, red, itchy bumps along the body. Some people are unaware that theyve been bitten and dont see any bites for as long as nine days. For others, it might take as long as two to three months before they realize theyve been bitten by bed bugs.

How do infestations begins?

Bed bugs are amazing hitch-hikers - they can travel in suitcases, bags, on shoes or be transferred from second-hand furniture. The bugs will also quickly migrate to adjoining rooms or residences through vents and pipes.

Treatments include the use of pesticides, steam/heat treatment and vacuuming. However, these are just contact killers and only attack the bugs that can be seen and do not provide a residual effect.

If problem persists, Please Call 2 to 3 weeks after initial visit at which time Embo Pest Control will come back for a re-application for treatment procedure and re-spray entire premises.

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